«Hacked hand axe.» Why Russian women silently suffer beatings from their husbands

© Depositphotos / lofilolo«Hacked hand axe.» Why Russian women silently suffer beatings from their husbands© Depositphotos / lofilolo

Chopped off his wife’s hands with an axe because of jealousy. Beat so that the body did not remain a live place. These are terrible reports about domestic violence only in the last ten days. How men suddenly become sophisticated sadists, and sometimes murderers? According to statistics, every fourth woman in Russia at least once suffered from domestic violence. However, only a small proportion of victims turn to the police and bring the case to court. Who is to blame: the laws of the land, the indifference of others or the fear of losing one — in the material RIA Novosti.

A mess from head to toe

Photo beaten with cruelty girls from the town of Lebedyan in Lipetsk region for the day spread through social networks. In the photo — barely alive Anastasia. The whole body is bruised. Presumably, so badly mutilated by husband — because of jealousy.

Week pictures accidentally saw the Deputy of regional legislative Assembly Andrey Trofimenkov — he wrote one of the residents of the city. (By the time the girl had already died.) He said that the massacre of Anastasia gave her boyfriend, he allegedly shot it all on the phone and then showed the video to friends, bragging about «what the wife keeps a tight rein».

Trofimenkov has published a creepy photo on the page to give the matter publicity. Users in the comments shared details of the story. Familiar with the girl people said that Anastasia worked in the city administration, one brought up the daughter. First husband died in a car accident in 2012, after several years she met with the same Maxim. The commenter noted that he is often jealous of the girl and hit directly on the people.

The eleventh of December, Dimitri brought his wife to the forest, where the axe had cut through her hands. And then he himself brought the woman to the hospital. One brush could not be saved, the other doctors managed to sew. Grachev arrested. The maximum term which threatens it, to 15 years in prison.

The so-called domestic violence fall under several articles of the Criminal code: 115 «the Deliberate infliction of harm to health» 116 «Beating» and 117 «Torture».

In addition, in February 2017 adopted amendments to the criminal code: if domestic violence is committed for the first time, it is regarded as an administrative offence. However, re-beating entails criminal liability.

According to the interior Ministry, in 2016 as a result of family conflicts suffered about ten thousand women and five thousand children. In the first half of 2016 was almost 57 thousand of crimes committed on home soil. Of them in the sphere of family-domestic relations — 14.2 thousand.

Despite the fact that responsibility for domestic violence in the criminal code spelled out and drive brawlers in theory, not all women decide not to report her husband to the police, but even to endure dirty linen in public. And without this, a criminal case is impossible.

Shut up, woman

At the end of November in Blagoveshchensk Tatiana’s husband Vladimir attacked her with a knife and killed. It later emerged that the couple had previously had a conflict. As told local media the girlfriend of the deceased, initially Tatiana concealed from relatives that her husband batters her, concealing the bruises and lied to friends about idyll in the family. Later best friend know about the trouble, but did not intervene. After another fight, the wife changed the lock on the apartment door. However, the husband managed to make a duplicate, broke in and smashed all the furniture. Tatiana called the police, the man quickly found and taken to the office, but after a few days released. Restrain yourself a sadist is gone: he caught the wife about building a kindergarten and stabbed.

«The most commonly used norms — 115 and 116 of the article — are considered as criminal cases of private prosecution. They can only be brought on the statement of the victim, after reconciliation of the parties it quits. The exception is when the victim can’t defend their interests (part 4 of article 20 of the criminal code), says the managing partner of the bar «starinsky, Cartago and partners» Vladimir starinskij.

Therefore, according to Stalinskogo, it is better to focus on what the police often do not respond when the statement of the victim about threats and violence is already there.

In turn, Trofimenkov draws attention to another problem — it is human indifference. «We know that the witnesses of the scandal between Anastasia and Maxim was enough, however, none of them stood up, did not call police, did not raise a stir. People do not want to interfere in family matters. I’m afraid that they are themselves the victim may be blamed. You need to speak publicly about it, even in a head did not come to commit such actions. People should know that, in addition to the private inner world of family, and external, where such behavior is unacceptable,» — said the MP.

Hit again — hit again

As a rule, if a man ever raised his hand on a woman, it all again, despite the assurances of the men, no doubt, a psychotherapist Alexander Pushkin. «A woman allowed to hit yourself, most likely, was subjected to psychological pressure and become a victim. Then in her subconscious included the thought «I am helpless and can’t do.» Therefore, those who at least once had abused need counseling,» argues Pyatnitsky.

Feeling impunity, the men laid hands even more, I’m sure the psychologist: «In my practice there were cases when men came to reception and asked to help them cope with uncontrolled aggression. But such clients usually come for a reason — the police on them already is a statement. Fearing liability, Amateur frisky wants to get rid of the problems. If he knows that beating him will be nothing, they will continue to behave the same way.»

«When a man beats a woman is not normal in modern society. Impunity generates more violence. You cannot close your eyes, you need to contact the police, say family. This is important because, in time stepping, you can manage to solve the problem» — sums up the Pyatnitsky.