Poltavchenko: the GM site in St. Petersburg is interested in several companies

© Flickr / mrkummGeneral Motors. Archival photoPoltavchenko: the GM site in St. Petersburg is interested in several companies© Flickr / mrkumm

A production platform owned by American automobile concern General Motors in St. Petersburg, is interested in several companies, including BMW and another company from Belarus and Uzavtosanoat of Uzbekistan, said in an interview to the leading news agencies of Russia, the Governor of the city Georgy Poltavchenko.

GM commissioned a plant in St. Petersburg in November 2008. The company produces models Chevrolet Cruze, TrailBlazer, and Opel Astra and several Cadillac models. March 18, 2015, GM announced the withdrawal from the Russian market brand Opel, and that by mid-2015, will preserve the plant in St. Petersburg. The factory employs about 1 thousand employees. From 1 July 2015 GM stopped and mothballed production in St. Petersburg.

«Uzbekistan really had a great interest in the site of General Motors. But on this subject there are a number of other proposals. Interest, including BMW and the Belarusian firm. It is too early to say exactly who will be working there. The final word for by the owner, General Motors,» said the Governor.

He expressed the hope that certainty in this matter will appear in the near future.

«I hope that in the near future our partners will be defined. The city is now in the role of observer. At the time when the site was created, all of its obligations Petersburg completed. Now we’re just waiting for someone to come. Going to help them if the need arises. But we are ready to consider the question of providing other land. If, as I have already said, the interests of investors coincide with the strategic interests of the city. Today we do not agree to the proposal, which years 10-20 years «torn» would be, as they say, «with hands and feet,» — said Poltavchenko.