Putin agreed with the proposal to adjust the work of architects in Russia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the proposal to more accurately regulate the work of architects in Russia.

Speaking at a meeting of the Council for culture and arts, honorary President of the Union of architects of Russia Andrei Bokov said that it is necessary to return to the revision of the law on architectural activities. The main point, he said, should be in the development of architecture and urban planning from the strict control of the developer. The law, says the Sides must be at least two of the Bylaw, one of which, in particular, would give more powers to the chief architects in the regions and municipalities. The sides also pointed to the lack of possibility of carrying out of creative competitions. «Design deals with one who is less than requested. This leads to complete degeneration of the practice,» he said.

«Already, in many cities, the chief architect, Deputy mayor. But need to pay attention and adjust more accurately. I agree with you. Let’s work in this direction. In fact, we were talking about yesterday and the fact that you just said mean that the architecture course is part of the culture, the environment creates. Agree,» Putin said at a meeting of the Council.

On Wednesday at a meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects, Putin proposed to consider the establishment of a special professional development program for Russian architects. In addition, the President found it necessary «to strengthen the status of the main architects»: they must have the opportunity to propose their projects and bring them to life, thus a real influence on the modern image of Russian regions and cities.