The Moscow city court upheld the verdict to the journalist of RBK Sokolov

© Photo : RBC/Oleg Sokolov Yakovlevich. Archive photoThe Moscow city court upheld the verdict to the journalist of RBK Sokolov© Photo : RBC/Oleg Yakovlev

The Moscow city court upheld the verdict in the case to the investigative Committee Alexander Sokolov, who received 3.5 years in prison on charges of extremism, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

«A sentence to leave without changes», — announced the decision one of the judges of the Collegium. Thus, the court rejected the appeal of his lawyers, who asked for acquittal.

However, the panel of judges was reduced by two months the sentence of two other defendants in the case. Valery Parfenov and Cyril Barabash now have to spend in the colony four years and three years and 10 months.

Judges, in making the decision, took into account mitigating circumstances — Barabash — participation in hostilities, Parfenova — health. The grounds for commutation of sentence Sokolov, the court found.

The Tver court of Moscow on August 10 Sokolova was sentenced to 3.5 years in a General regime colony. In the dock were the former editor of newspaper «Duel» Yury Mukhin, Valery Parfenov and Cyril Barabash. According to the investigation, they participated in the movement associated with the banned in Russia as extremist organization «army of the will of the people» and aimed to undermine the political situation in the country.

The sentence Sokolov scored a little more than two years, which he spent in jail. According to the verdict, he was restricted for one year after release from prison, he will not be able to leave the place of residence or registration without notice law enforcement bodies.

Press Secretary of RBC Yegor Timofeyev said that in the media do not understand or accept the decision of the Tver court sentenced Sokolov to 3.5 years in a General regime colony, and will continue to maintain correspondent.

Parfenov and Barabash was sentenced to four years in a penal colony each, they also prescribed imprisonment for one year. Mukhin, for whom the Prosecutor asked for the highest sentence — 4.5 years — received a suspended sentence of four years with the same time probation.