The orphanage, where Dima Yakovlev was adopted, does not give children to foreigners

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Uncompetent orphanage. Archival photoThe orphanage, where Dima Yakovlev was adopted, does not give children to foreigners© RIA Novosti / Vitaly ANEC

The child’s home in the town of Pechora of the Pskov region, where an American family adopted Dima Yakovlev does not give to the adoption of children by foreign citizens in 2013, told RIA Novosti the chief doctor of the institution Natalia Vishnevskaya.

21 December 2012 the Russian state Duma adopted in the third reading the law «On measures of influence on persons involved in violations of fundamental rights and freedoms of the person, rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation», the so-called «law of Dima Yakovlev». This law, which is a response to American «Magnitsky act» and introduced a ban on adoptions by Americans of Russian children, came into force on 1 January 2013.

Dima Yakovlev, after whom is named the law was adopted by an American family from the child’s home in the town of Pechora of the Pskov region. Dima was adopted by Americans and three months later died, when his foster father miles Harrison left the boy locked in a car for 9 hours in 50 degree heat. In December 2008 the court acquitted Harrison. In February 2013, the information appeared about the death of three Maxim Kuzmin, an adopted American family from the same children’s home as the Dima Yakovlev. It was reported that the foster mother from Texas, bought a child from Russia with psychotropic drugs, and before the death of severely beaten him.

«We don’t give our adoption of children to foreigners since, as the resolution of the head of the Pskov region,» said Vishnevskaya.

Earlier it was reported that in February 2013 by decision of the Governor of the Pskov region in the region were suspended procedure of adoption of orphans. Later, the regional authorities have created a Commission that will monitor the adoption of children by foreign citizens.

Dima Yakovlev was born on 1 November 2006, was placed in regional children’s home city of Pechora of the Pskov region, when he gave him to his mother. In February 2008 the Pskov regional court he was adopted by us citizens, spouses with Harrison. According to Russian officials, have previously tried numerous attempts to get a child to a Russian family, but the Russians did not want to adopt a child with several serious diseases. The child in the new family was given the name chase.