The strongest fog and violated the movement of trains in Northern India

© REUTERS / Saumya KhandelwalЧеловек on the road covered with a fog, in new Delhi, India. 21 Dec 2017The strongest fog and violated the movement of trains in Northern India© REUTERS / Saumya Khandelwal

Thick fog enveloped Thursday Northern States of India, including capital Delhi, which led to long delays in the dispatch of trains and the cancellation of some flights, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry of transport of the country.

According to meteorologists, air temperature in the Indian capital on the night of 21 December was down to 12 degrees Celsius. Humidity as at 08.30 am local time reached 95%. Both factors combined caused the formation of a dense layer of fog that reduced the visibility in Delhi to 400 meters. Forecasters foretell that on Thursday the weather in the capital region will be mostly cloudy.

«As a result, we were forced to cancel about 15 flights and delay another 30,» — told RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry of transport. According to the interlocutor, during the day the situation will change for the better in the light of the expected strong winds in Delhi.

Meanwhile, air pollution in the Indian capital, which last week held at a relatively low level, on Thursday rose again to a peak. According to the Central office for the control of environmental pollution, the average PM2. 5 (airborne levels of suspended particles with the diameter up to 2.5 µm) on that day amounted to 303 micrograms per cubic meter at a rate of 60. As noted in the Department, for the last time this figure was recorded over a month ago — 14 Nov.

In this regard, the authorities in new Delhi issued a warning to local residents and visitors not to leave without extreme need their homes without the means spetzashita. As the correspondent of RIA Novosti, the traffic on the roads in parts of the city was substantially hampered due to low visibility. At the same time, pedestrians on the Central streets of new Delhi in the morning almost was not observed.

The environmental situation in Delhi, according to many experts, is catastrophic and continues to deteriorate. In early December, the national green Tribunal of India has criticized the government in new Delhi for the lack of a plan of action to combat air pollution by ordering him within two days to submit the relevant document. City officials with this decision do not agree and believe that in order to develop approaches to the solution of this problem requires considerably more time.