Topilin called the amount of debt, «VIM-Avia» to employees

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Attachability in fotoreceptor of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev listens to the speech of the Minister of labour and social protection of Russia Maxim Topilin at a meeting of the Russian government. 21 Dec 2017Topilin called the amount of debt, «VIM-Avia» to employees© RIA Novosti / Dmitry attachability to the photobank

Debt «VIM-Avia» to employees is 439 million rudders, the authorities will control the situation of repayment, said Minister of labor and social protection of Russia Maxim Topilin.

«VIM-Avia — 439 million debt, which is not yet repaid. Arkady Vladimirovich (Dvorkovich, Vice Prime Minister — ed.) too, I think, necessary instructions have been signed, and these orders two, will also this situation very closely monitor and report to you,» — said Topilin at a meeting of the RF government on Thursday.

In addition, said Topilin, there are other situations that cause labor «serious concerns». In particular, the Minister mentioned wage arrears at the plant «Radiopribor» (Primorsky Krai), noting that we are talking about very old debts amounting to almost 400 million rubles. Labor Minister expressed hope that in the near future will be able this debt to repay.

«A number of issues with the old stories on the cosmodrome «East» is settlements between the Russian space Agency, the Ministry of defense. This is due to the fact that the defense Ministry now took Spetsstroy, it is the duty of the former of Spetsstroy, and is already actively this process goes. The last time was in fact repaid the debt on «the East», a small debt of 13 million there remained, however, in Khabarovsk territory, and old debts of Spetsstroy, they are also constantly almost on a daily basis looking for solutions», — said Topilin.

Another problem is connected with debt in Ivanovo region the company «Avtokran», he added. «It is hoped that either before the end of the year or early January next year the mechanism of repayment of 170 million rubles, is also very old debts, bankrupt, also this topic will be solved», — said the Minister.