What tax debts will forgive the Russians

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The state Duma adopted in the second reading of a bill containing provisions aimed at implementing the President’s initiative on debt relief for property taxes. The consideration of the bill in the third reading is scheduled on December 21.

RIA Novosti figured out what kind of debts can get rid of the Russians.

Debts written off but not all

Amendments to the legislation will write off the debts under the transport tax, the tax to property of physical persons, land tax. But not everyone, just those that arose prior to 1 January 2015. The Statute of limitations on the payment of these taxes as the time is three years. That is, in 2018, the tax authorities can send a notice and demand to transfer to the budget taxes only for the years 2015-2017. Arrears of interest accrued in arrears for property taxes will also be deducted.

Tax debts of individual entrepreneurs accumulated on January 1, 2015, will be forgiven (with the exception of the mineral extraction tax, excise taxes and payments in foreign trade). SP will be forgiven back taxes and on insurance premiums — but for the period before January 1, 2017. Will also be written off arrears of penalties and fines.

Depth of collection of taxes is three years — so, say goodbye to those debts that cannot be recovered. Officials promise that all of the write-off will occur without the participation of the citizens themselves the tax.

According to legislators, the adoption of this bill will improve the material situation of citizens, which has deteriorated significantly due to the overall state of the economy.

Benefits to pensioners

Additional benefits will be put to pensioners, the disabled and veterans: they are exempt from tax on the cadastral land, the so-called «tax on six hundred».

Now preferential categories of citizens are exempt from paying tax on apartments and other property, but not the land: for they have a cash deduction of 10 thousand rubles from the cadastral value of land. As follows from the text of the amendment, the obligation to pay land tax will remain owners of the land area of more than 6 acres, but only based on the remaining square footage.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on December 14, communicating with journalists, spoke about the need for the release of privileged categories of citizens eligible for the deduction to property with a value of 10 thousand rubles, from land tax in respect of land of 6 acres. He also said that it is necessary to free the citizens from the accumulated previous years uncollectible tax arrears, at the same time Recalling that debt, for example, individual entrepreneurs is about 15 billion rubles.