Who celebrate the New year Urgant and Nagiyev: rolled out the «new Tree»

© Photo : Film company BazelevsКадр from the movie new Christmas Tree<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/12/9fc6b2ff3fc2c641c181ccee55dbaf27.jpg" alt="Who celebrate the New year Urgant and Nagiyev: rolled out the «new Tree»” />© Photo : Bazelevs Film company

Olivier, fireworks and «Christmas Tree» — looks like a standard Christmas set of Russian audiences for the last eight years. Changing traditions, the author and the General producer of the popular franchises Timur Bekmambetov produces the next part of the ten days before the end of the year. This time the creators have announced the rebranding of the «Trees» and refused the usual numbers in the title, replacing them with laconic epithet «new.»

New in festive Comedy is really a lot — the story and characters to the principle of scriptwriting. Refused not only from the creators of a voice-over of keira Knightley and genre of film: the film consists of five separate stories, stories that intertwine in the New year. Permanent left and host of the «Christmas» pair — Urgant and Svetlakov, a company on the poster amounted to Dmitry Nagiev.

Burning and funny

«Miracle «Trees» that they can change. They don’t hold no storyline, no characters. There is a demand for the genre of the Christmas tale. That’s why viewers go really. They want to feel the atmosphere of the New year, to laugh, to cry. And preferably to keep it in balance, because if you laugh, then cry like something sweeter — and Vice versa,» — said the Director.

If the theater begins with a hanger, the film — from the script. Work on the current «Trees» was launched in September 2016, when Timur Bekmambetov and Zhora Krizovnicka created in the company Bazelevs scenario workshop. Two months ten authors worked on their stories, five of which were included in the «new Tree».

According to the precepts Ryazanov

In the «new Trees» enough ridiculous characters, but, contrary to expectations, not all of them will be unconditional happy ending. Zhora Krizovnicka sure that this approach is closer to the realities of the modern viewer, as the positive aspects can be seen even in difficult circumstances.

«I wanted a little experiment with the genre of Christmas stories, try to leave a little fake of the concept «to all sisters on earrings». It happens in different ways in life. Sometimes it is paradoxical — what seems like bad luck, then good luck. Sometimes it’s better to leave someone to be happy, not to hold on to their misfortune», — said Krizovnicka.

«New year is a holiday that requires conservatism. We do not decide every year what kind of salad put on the table, what bottle of wine to take or what is the object of the woods to put in the center of the room. We just get out your old toys from the mezzanine. Our film also becomes a ritual of the New year, so hopefully will live long. Always,» said Timur Bekmambetov.

On the question of whether to wait for fans of the epic next the «Trees» in the next year, Bekmambetov simply answered «Yes», but did not disclose details and the team of the next film, saying only that the writers will remain the same.