Care intends to appeal the court’s decision in Republic of Khakassia in the case of seized children

© Fotolia / Sebastian DudaВ the courtroom. Archival photoCare intends to appeal the court’s decision in Republic of Khakassia in the case of seized children© Fotolia / Sebastian Duda

The guardianship intend to appeal the decision of the court in Khakassia, which ordered the return of seized seven children in foster care, said the children’s Ombudsman of Russia Anna Kuznetsova.

Earlier a row of mass media wrote that the inhabitant of Khakassia child services seized seven adopted children due to the fact that the hair of her four year old son was considered too long for a boy. Senator Elena Mizulina said Wednesday that he would appeal to the Prosecutor General with a request to check the legality of actions of bodies of guardianship. Kuznetsova said that it intends to investigate the situation and assess the actions of employees of bodies of guardianship. The head of Khakassia Victor Zimin took the situation under his personal control, and the regional Department of the investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office began check of actions of bodies of guardianship. On Friday, the bogradsky district court satisfied the requirements of the defence in full and ordered to return seized children in foster care.

«In Khakassia victory. Children will return to a foster mother. The court made the corresponding decision after a more than five-hour meeting. I thank our staff, who immediately flew in Khakassia, was personally involved in the trial and online was literally on the phone with me. I thank the region for their assistance in the work of my colleagues. Guardianship, of course, intends to appeal the decision. So while 100% do not consider the work completed. Of course, after all these years and need the help of experts and children and a foster mother. But soon the New year, and really want to have the kids met him together,» wrote Kuznetsov in his Facebook.

She also noted that keeping the matter under personal control.

«All actions of bodies of guardianship and guardianship agencies and other competent authorities will be given a comprehensive assessment. It is important to establish the source of this incident or is the result of incompetence of employee or Department, or this system fails, operation of the competent authorities, which need to be addressed at a higher level» – are her words on the website of the Ombudsman.

The advocate reported that the kid’s hair don’t cut it off, to hide the deformity of the skull before the photo shoot. Local media had reported that the woman did not cut the kid’s hair and braided them in plaits and allegedly dressed him in dresses, and why he turned away from the other children in the garden, and the boy retreated into himself.

On Friday after court, the lawyer explained that the decision to return a child in foster care takes time on paperwork, so the «kids will be returned within five working days.» She added that «the children will be home for the New year».