Gudkov called Yashin «stop the hysteria» about the action 24 Dec

© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Redicovered in photobacteria Gudkov. Archival photoGudkov called Yashin «stop the hysteria» about the action 24 Dec© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Redicovered the image Bank

Former state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov of the opposition invited Ilya Yashin to stop the hysteria around the stock on December 24. About this he wrote in his Facebook.

Earlier, Yashin, head of the Council of deputies of the Krasnoselsky municipal district, announced that on 24 December the district wants to hold «free elections.» Gudkov for his part, has organized on 24 Dec sanctioned rally on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova nearby. Yashin later Gudkov asked to withdraw, which he did.

«Why Yashin and Navalny are now writing, that I prevented them to organize a celebration? They also have my phone, you could call and ask. No staff does not deter the MPs to participate in the celebration. However, many of the signatories in support of the holiday is really concerned about the safety of protesters,» wrote Gudkov.

The former MP added that the event might be unsafe for participants, so he changed his attitude to the action plan. According to Gudkov, due to the failure of the organizers of the rally, the risks of arrests has grown substantially.

«Because you asked me to withdraw the application to the agreed meeting, we urge you to think seriously about security measures to the participants of the festival. And stop hysteria, there’s always the telephone to clarify the position before you write something in Twitter,» concluded the ex-Deputy.