Liquid breathing should be tested on a submarine under pressure, said Admiral Vladimir Valuev

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya in Photobacterium of Serbia Aleksandar vučić during a visit to the advanced research Foundation of the state Corporation RoscosmosLiquid breathing should be tested on a submarine under pressure, said Admiral Vladimir Valuev© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya the image Bank

Project liquid breathing presented as a means of saving submariners and demonstrated on the dog, needs testing directly in the compartment of the submarine under pressure; while to speak about its practical implementation is premature, said RIA Novosti former commander of the Baltic fleet (2001-2006) Admiral Vladimir Valuev.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Tuesday presented to the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic the latest Russian developments, including a unique project liquid breathing. Especially for Vucic held a demonstration in the Dachshund: a dog was placed in a special tank with liquid in a few minutes the animal was accustomed to the new environment and began to breathe normally. After that, the employees of the laboratory took a taxi from the tank, wiped it with a towel, and head of the Serbian delegation was able to see that the dog is all right. Vucic stroked the dog and said that «very impressed» what they saw.

This development of the Foundation for advanced studies (FPI), according to the project Manager Fedor Arseniev, will help you to solve a number of important issues, for example, rescue sailors from a distressed submarine. At depths greater than 100 meters, quickly come to the surface of the water is impossible due to decompression sickness: occurs «effect of boiling blood», which clogs the blood vessels and kills the man. To avoid this danger, the emergency of the submarine can be put on a special apparatus with this liquid which does not contain any nitrogen, «human lungs are not compressed, allowing the submarine to rise quickly to the surface and be saved.»

«Not yet studied physics, to say that it is a panacea for rescue divers, prematurely. To do optovye outputs from the submarine, and only then to talk about the possibility of practical realization of liquid breathing. For starters, you can conduct experiments on the training set of struggle for survivability of the ship in conditions as close to the real emergency situation», — said Valuev.

According to him, «one thing at atmospheric pressure to throw the dog into the solution and pull out, another thing to do it at elevated pressure». «We need to see the details of this technology. If it allows you to do the same at elevated pressure — it will be a really good tool for rescue personnel leaving the emergency submarine, and to fight for its vitality,» concluded the Admiral.

Rogozin in response to criticism of the experiment, shows the President of Serbia, said on Thursday in Facebook that all dogs participating in the experiment with liquid breathing, alive and well. According to him, in the future, such experiments will involve «more complex organism» (which, not specified). «Everything is done to create rescue technology. To such tragedies as the death of the «Kursk» submarine,» — said Russian Deputy Prime Minister.