Love and smell: can one smell a soul mate

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Many people believe that odors play an important role in human sexual behavior. This confidence is successfully exploited by the manufacturers of perfume advertising in the composition of their products, aphrodisiacs and pheromones, allegedly causing libido. Scientific evidence that odors are encouraged to love, not yet.

Medieval perfumer Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the hero of the cult novel by Patrick Suskind, perfume is invented that makes people, regardless of gender, fall in love with him. Part of the magical means was part of the aromas of the most beautiful girls that Grenouille had to kill. Is there actually a smell of absolute love?

«These spirits, as in the novel «Perfume», is impossible, says RIA Novosti Arkady Kuramshin, associate Professor of the Chemical Institute of Kazan Federal University. — Man is too social a creature to regulate affection, love is only chemistry.»

However, mass culture has developed a strong grasp on the «scent of a woman» or «bad macho» by which the people can choose a mate. And not only in mass culture. Scientists have been trying to find substances that might give rise to human sexual behavior, pheromones.

In the scientific community, a discussion about the results and interpretation of such experiments. Critics point out that they can be explained otherwise. For example, using the two-factor theory of emotion, which States that the person understands their condition in two steps. First he test, for example, excitement. Then finds the explanation for this anxiety, and then acts. For example, the young man was nervous, his pulse quickened, he found it difficult to breathe. Why is this happening? Because tomorrow to take the exam or passed the pretty art student, oveav a slight scent of perfume?

«Not the fact that people will definitely be excited only by some smell. It takes training and personal experience,» explains Kuramshin.
Animal instinct and pleasure

In any case, if insect pheromone plays a role of a molecule of a certain type, promonotory signal in mammals will be a variety of molecules.

«The animal never makes one smell, it makes complex. The more complex the behavior, the more difficult to single out any one special substance, it is dictating. A decision by the brain based on the data coming from different information channels, including the olfactory,» says Kolesnikov.

When the dog raises its leg at a tree or a cat rubs its muzzle on the wall, they mark territory, leaving their scent on objects. Odorous marks simply carry information about the individual, its species, age, sex, which in itself does not encourage retaliatory action. Birds have generally weak sense of smell, so odors do not play a big role in their behavior, and readiness to mate, they show singing and mating dance.

If a person is not to teach sexual behavior, he would not know what to do with that feeling of lust. It showed in the 1950s, the American psychologist (Harry Harlow). He watched as the young monkeys grow up without their mother, in the presence of only wire and soft models. Despite the fact that monkeys got used to the layout, as adults, they never learned how to mate.