Mine «Esaul» in Kuzbass resume coal mining after accident

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Coal mining on mine «Esaul» in Novokuznetsk district of Kemerovo region, which rescued three blocked after the collapse of the rock miners to resume Friday, according to the website of the Ministry of energy.

«The mine in the coal-mining will resume from 8.00 am (GMT) on December 22. Investigation of the reasons and circumstances of incident», — stated in the message.

The mine was temporarily suspended due to the collapse of rocks on a dead-end vent to the roadway, which occurred Wednesday evening at a depth of 94 meters. Telephone, ventilation and electricity company are not violated. Underground at the time of the accident were 100 miners, 97 of them came to the surface. Three more were trapped behind the dam.

According to the Main Department of EMERCOM in Kemerovo region, the rescue operation did not stop for a minute and lasted for almost 34 hours. It was attended by over 100 people and 20 vehicles. Rescuers and employees of the company manually jackhammers paved to the location of the miners rescue and relief production with a length of 13-14 meters. With miners kept in touch twice they delivered hot food and water and necessary things through a specially drilled well. On Friday all three were evacuated from the area of the collapse and after survey of physicians brought to the surface, of the injuries they received.

The search and rescue was coordinated by the regional headquarters headed by the Governor of Kuzbass Aman Tuleyev. The head of the region took the situation at the mine under his personal control and radio held talks with the blocked miners. After successful completion of the rescue operation Tuleyev has declared gratitude to all who took part in it, and promised particularly distinguished themselves to submit to the regional awards. The causes and circumstances of the accident, in particular, understand the Kemerovo Interdistrict Prosecutor’s office on supervision of execution of laws in coal-mining industry and the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Kuzbass.

Mine «Esaul» is owned by Yuzhkuzbassugol, an affiliate of Evraz. The mine was founded in 1984, develops Badaevskoe coal field. Mining method — underground. According to the energy Ministry, the reserves amount to 14 million tons of coal grades Zh, Consumers — metallurgical and coke-chemical enterprises of OOO «Evraz holding», JSC «Mechel».