Nine foreigners were injured in the attack in Melbourne

© AFP 2017 / Mal FaircloughПолицейские on the site of the collision of a car into pedestrians in Melbourne. 21 Dec 2017Nine foreigners were injured in the attack in Melbourne© AFP 2017 / Mal Fairclough

Nine foreigners were among those who had suffered the day before in the collision of a car into pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia, according to a press release from Victoria police.

White jeep Thursday at high speed drove into a crowd of pedestrians at the crossroads in the centre of Melbourne. According to police, the driver intentionally knocked down, but his motives aren’t established yet. In addition to the driver, was detained one more person.

«Nine of the victims are citizens of other countries, including South Korea, China, Italy, India, Venezuela, Ireland and New Zealand,» police said.

Among the hospitalized was the alleged driver of the car, he was released from the hospital and temporarily placed in custody. Law enforcement officers will ask him when it will be possible for medical reasons. Earlier, Australian police found that the hitting has committed a 32-year-old Australian citizen originally from Afghanistan, which «has a history of drug dependence and mental disorders.»

In addition to the driver was arrested another young man 24 years of age, however, it became clear that it is not connected to the case.

Police in Victoria comes from the fact that the incident is not part of a coordinated attack.

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