Pence said when the us military leave Afghanistan

© Flickr / The U.S. Amamerican military in Afghanistan. Archival photoPence said when the us military leave Afghanistan© Flickr / The U.S. Army

Us military will stay in Afghanistan as long as there persists a threat of terrorism, said Vice President Michael Pence, who made a visit to this country.

Earlier it was reported that Pence has met with the leadership of Afghanistan during the unannounced visit to the country.

«Under President (Donald) trump the U.S. armed forces will remain in Afghanistan for as long as we do not eliminate once and for all the terrorist threat to our country,» said Pence, speaking to the us military.

He assured that the US «remain in this fight until the very end.»

In August, trump announced the new us strategy in Afghanistan. He refused to talk about the military aspects of the strategy, but made it clear that a rapid withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will not. According to the decision of trump, the American contingent in Afghanistan will be increased by more than 3 thousand soldiers, the total number will exceed 14 thousand persons.