Saakashvili’s supporters staged a rally outside the courthouse in Kiev

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in fotobanka Saakashvili. Archival photoSaakashvili’s supporters staged a rally outside the courthouse in Kiev© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

Several dozen supporters of the former President of Georgia and former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili holding a rally near the building of Appellate court of Kiev, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Today will consider the complaint of the state office of public Prosecutor on the refusal of the court to make policy is under house arrest.

Protesters hold placards in support of Saakashvili and demand that he remained at large. In the hands of their national flags and flags of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists (military wing of the OUN — «Ukrainian insurgent army», banned in Russia).

The courthouse is guarded by several dozen members of the National guard and police. The situation is calm.

The fifth of December, the security forces tried to detain Saakashvili, however, supporters of the policy was released. To put Saakashvili in isolation was only December 8, but the court released him.

Politician takes on the case of the assistance of members of the criminal organizations. The Prosecutor General’s office believes that they organized a rally in Kiev was financed by the ex-President, Viktor Yanukovych, in particular by businessman Sergey Kurchenko, and aimed at overthrowing the state authorities.

In Georgia against Saakashvili initiated several criminal cases. Prosecutors of this country have repeatedly turned to the Ukrainian side with a request for the extradition of the former President.