Supporters of Catalan independence get 70 seats in Parliament

© RIA Novosti / geordi Biseriate in fotomontagen vote at a polling station for early elections to the Catalan ParliamentSupporters of Catalan independence get 70 seats in Parliament© RIA Novosti / geordi Biseriate the image Bank

Of the party campaigning for the independence of Catalonia, backed by an absolute majority in the Catalan Parliament. This is evidenced by the data after counting nearly 100% of the votes. The former leader of Catalonia Carles Putteman said that «it’s time» to repeal article of the Spanish Constitution about the direct rule of the centre.

Three political movements advocating secession from Spain, get 70 seats out of 135 in the local legislative body.

According to preliminary data, party «Together for Catalonia», which is headed by the former head of Generalitat Carles Putteman, gaining 21.6% of the votes, which provides it with 34 seats. Party «Republican Left of Catalonia» the former Deputy head of the government of Catalonia Oriola of Junkers, which is located in the Madrid prison, gets 32 seats in Parliament. At the extreme left «Candidate of national unity» are four of the mandate.

The leader of centrist party «Citizens» from 25.3% of the votes and 37 seats. The socialists -17 mandates, the people’s party three seats, the Catalunya En Comu — Podem — 7% and eight seats.

Supporters of independence of Catalonia, included in the Catalan national Assembly, greeted the results of elections in regional Parliament a jubilation, a disco and snacks of ham and cheese with wine and beer, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Direct rule of Spain in Catalonia

The former leader of Catalonia Pujdeme after the success of the Pro-independence regional elections demanded from the Spanish authorities to abolish the 155-th article of the Spanish Constitution about the direct rule of the centre.

«The time has come not only (Prime Minister Mariano) Rajoy, but to many other people to take note… article 155 should be abolished, prisoners should be released, we need to go back,» said Putteman at a press conference in Brussels.

«This is the message of the world Barcelona: the Catalan Republic defeated monarchy,» said he, adding that «the Spanish state has been defeated.»

He also emphasized the return of the «legitimate government» of Catalonia.

No significant incidents

A record turnout of nearly 82 per cent recorded in the early elections to the Parliament of Catalonia, announced at a press conference the representative of the government of Spain in Catalonia Enric Miglio.

«The elections were absolutely fine, without any major incidents. You can call the electoral model. The turnout was very high — 81,95%,» said Miglio. In the last election 2015 voter turnout was 77%.

The politician congratulated with the victory of the centrist party of «Citizens», which received over a million votes (25%). This is the best result of «people» in history.

However, the main results of the elections was the fact that the three parties that advocate the independence of the Autonomous communities managed to retain in Parliament the absolute majority. Thus, they’ll be able to approve the head of Generalitat.

According to the results held in Catalonia on 1 October referendum, the Catalan Parliament on 27 October adopted a resolution on independence. The Madrid opposed the referendum and recognized it as illegal. After independence the Senate of Spain has imposed direct control in Catalonia. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced the suspension from office of members of the government of the Autonomous community, including the head of the Carles Pokdemon, and the dissolution of Parliament.

Supporters of Catalan independence get 70 seats in ParliamentThe confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona