The American General called for a «coming war» with Russia

© AP Photo / Susan WalshКомандующий corps US marine corps General Robert Neller in Washington. September 2016. Archival photoThe American General called for a «coming war» with Russia© AP Photo / Susan Walsh

The commander of the U.S. Marines stationed in Norway, General Robert Neller has warned troops that the region can begin a «huge fight». It is reported portal

Neller did not rule out the possibility that subordinates may soon relocate, the American presence in the region will be expanded. «I hope I’m wrong, but war is coming. Due to its presence you are participating in the struggle, information war, political struggle,» he said.

The General explained that in the near future, the focus of attention will be the Pacific and Russia. «Just remember why you’re here. They’re watching. As you watch them and they watch you. Here we have 300 Marines; we could increase this number to 3,000 in one night,» said Neller.

The position according to which Russia represents one of the main threats recorded in the new national security strategy of the United States, published 18 Dec. The document stated that Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and the middle East are the main sources of threat.

Units of the U.S. army are in Norway, since January of this year. This is the first deployment of foreign troops in the state since the Second world war. In the Scandinavian country, the Marines train to battle in adverse weather conditions.