The health Ministry said about the health of cancer patients from Apatite

© Photo : AGN «Moscow»/Ekaterina Starikova Hohlovka in the Institute of Oncology. P. Herzen. Archive photoThe health Ministry said about the health of cancer patients from Apatite© Photo : AGN «Moscow»/Ekaterina Khokhlova

Treatment for Daria Starikova from Apatite, previously applied in the direct line to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, gives positive results over the Christmas break she’ll go home, said Friday the press service of the Ministry of health of Russia.

«The tactics have yielded positive results, and Daria in the New year’s eve going on vacation», — stated in the message.

Tuesday, December 26 in Moscow scientific-research oncological Institute named after P. Herzen, the fgbu branch SMRC radiology Ministry of health of Russia, held a briefing with her.

Daria Starikova from Apatite, which was diagnosed with cancer stage IV, appealed to the President during a straight line on 15 June. According to her, initially the doctors put her diagnosis of «intervertebral osteochondrosis», that time in treatment was up. Immediately after a straight line Daria was in intensive care at the district hospital, where on 23 June she was transferred to the regional hospital in Murmansk. By plane the girl was taken for treatment to Moscow.