The HRC has offered to legislate mandatory insurance against bankruptcy

© Fotolia / out.Archival photoThe HRC has offered to legislate mandatory insurance against bankruptcy© Fotolia / chingching

Obligatory insurance of the enterprises from bankruptcy should be fixed at the Federal level, said the head of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov.

The HRC delegation arrived in Rostov oblast on Wednesday, led by the Chairman of the organization. For three days they visited social and other institutions in the region, and also held a reception of citizens. On Friday in Rostov-on-don took place the field session of the HRC.

«From bankruptcy any no one is immune. First and foremost, people who are working on it. So, I think we need to put the question that at the Federal level, legislation to establish compulsory insurance against bankruptcy. Created the company – insure it from bankruptcy in favor of employees,» said Fedotov at the meeting.

He noted that with this conclusion, the HRC came after the consideration of the problems of the miners in the town of Gukovo in Rostov region. In addition, according to Fedotov, it is necessary to consider how to help the miners, especially veterans, in matters ration of coal.

«In Gukovo no gas, people fueled stoves using coal. One ton is worth seven thousand rubles for the heating season have seven tons. And there are people, to put it mildly, not the rich,» explained Fedotov.

More than 60 miners GK «Kingcol» in August of 2016 went on a hunger strike because of wage arrears, the amount of which exceeds 300 million rubles. In the period of the hunger strike the number of its participants has exceeded one hundred people, but in the end she was suspended. OJSC «Penza region development Corporation» which were payments from August 2016 to 30 June 2017 listed miners in several tranches 308,2 million rubles. According to the regional government, the debt is fully repaid before 3,233 thousands of former employees «Kingcol».