«Theatre art Studio» will present the premiere of «Reserve»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in photobackgrounds Director of the theatre Studio of theatrical art of Sergey Zhenovach. Archival photo«Theatre art Studio» will present the premiere of «Reserve»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

Theatre «Studio of theatrical art» (STI) is new year’s premiere — the play «Reserve» created by the theater’s artistic Director known Director Sergey Zhenovach and his regular collaborators: set designer Alexander Borovsky, composer Gregory Gobernik, lighting designer Damir Ismagilov.

«Reserve» was created based on the novel by Sergei Dovlatov and the poetry of Alexander Pushkin.

«What is the Fatherland, is it possible to leave the country — to stay or to go abroad, the theme of the relationship between the artist and the government — reflections of two geniuses, two great writers in common. In the center of the novel Dovlatov — the writer Boris Alikhanov (types of steel Brodsky and Dovlatov himself), which is in a state of domestic crisis», — told RIA Novosti on the eve of the premiere of the Zhenovach.

According to him, wandered through the main character of the play Boris (Bob) Alikhanov checks, the correctness of their attitudes, thoughts, actions. «He stands on the threshold of a new life, a choice, which may or may not change everything. And the poetry of Pushkin brings the story to another level. Dovlatov began to write this story in the Pushkin reserve. And finished it already in America when the act was already done,» said the Director.

He stressed that for the theatre, meeting with the writer Dovlatov was an event that in his prose lies a powerful, theatrical energy. The Zhenovach said that the prose of Dovlatov very scenic, its the dialogue you want to listen, to pronounce, to remember.

«We went to the Museum Dovlatov. This is an amazing place not far from St. Michael’s. The private Museum is just two rooms, the existing efforts of these enthusiasts. A lot of visitors who know and love the creativity of the writer. We have ideas how to save this Museum, make it the state», — said the Zhenovach.

In the play «Reserve» in addition to the old-timers STI will debut ten graduates of the «Workshop of Sergey Zhenovach» 2016. Among them, Alexander Nikolaev, Lev Kotkin, Dmitry Matveev, Daniel butts, Nikita Isachenkov, Alexander Medvedev, Daria Mareeva, Maria Korytova, Barbara Nasonova, Elizabeth Kondakov. «Reserve» — the first independent work of young artists, with whom the theatre are pinning their hopes.