Tillerson thanked the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia «for achievements»

© AFP 2017 / Mandel NganГосударственный U.S. Secretary of Rex Tillerson. Archival photoTillerson thanked the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia «for achievements»© 2017 AFP / Mandel Ngan

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson on Thursday thanked the international Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) for his «many achievements».

«The United States congratulates the ICTY, the door of which closes 31 December 2017, for the many achievements,» — said in a statement received by RIA Novosti.

The head of American diplomacy said that the list of achievements includes «sentencing 161 of the head of governments, armed forces and rebel groups in the region for participation in the killings during the wars in the Balkans in 1990-e years».

Tillerson urged to learn the lessons from the experience gained by the Tribunal. He stressed that «the search for justice in the Balkans has not been completed».

«We urge the authorities of all countries to resolve outstanding issues that are in their jurisdiction, and to cooperate with each other» within the structures of the UN, said Tillerson. According to him, the ICTY has shown that the world community can bring to justice the perpetrators of the crimes.

«We warn those who are guilty of crimes around the world that the United States seeks to hold them accountable,» he said.