Delivery of U.S. missiles does not strengthen the combat capabilities of the APU, says expert

© Flickr / Magpapatuloy missile system Javelin. Archival photoDelivery of U.S. missiles does not strengthen the combat capabilities of the APU, says expert© Flickr / Marines

The supply of American anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) Javelin to Ukraine can be seen as a political gesture: this weapon does not increase the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian army, said on Saturday, RIA Novosti is a leading Russian military expert, chief editor of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Colonel Victor murakhovski.

According to us media reports, the United States has approved a plan to provide Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles. After the formal approval of the us President supply plan will be submitted to the Congress, which in a month will have to consider it and pass it for approval by the U.S. Department of state.

In the us diplomatic service RIA Novosti commented on this information and confirmed the decision to supply.

«The United States has decided to supply Ukraine reinforced the defensive capabilities as part of our efforts to assist Ukraine to build its long-term defensive capabilities to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to repel further aggression», — it is told in received RIA Novosti news Agency the statement of the US state Department.

«There is nothing new in principle in the sense of military capabilities to the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) it will not. It is rather a symbolic gesture of extending the range of military assistance to Ukraine. This complex will not solve anything, even at the operational level, not to mention strategic in the deployment of large-scale hostilities,» — said murakhovski.

He noted that first there was the resolution of the U.S. Congress on the supply of Ukrainian army with anti-tank Javelin. «Then you tried to hold in the law on the military budget. Failed. Now again a new stage of some kind. In principle, the possibility of supply is already there. It is spelled out by Congress. And now the decision is for the US administration, which may approve or may not approve,» — says military analyst.

In his opinion, the US administration has been the first signal. «I mean the permission of the state Department on the commercial supply of large-caliber sniper rifles APU. If there is a second such symbol resolution on the supply of complex Javelin, he also will have more political significance than to have a real impact on the situation on the contact line between the armed forces and people’s militias new Russia», — said Murakhovsky, adding that heavy weapons, including tanks, far beyond the allotted range anti-tank systems.

«Supply of Javelin do not give the Ukrainian armed forces. There’s enough anti-tank, but other structures inherited from the Soviet Union, and complexes of several current modifications produced on the Ukrainian enterprises», — the expert added.