From the belt to strip. That brings school teachers to handle

© Depositphotos / SvetaZiГневFrom the belt to strip. That brings school teachers to handle© Depositphotos / SvetaZi

Written on the forehead «Not ready» stripped in class, was hit with a belt student. Scandal with school teacher — in the top of the news in the last week. Teachers get mad and frustrated. However, no experience, no experience do not affect the strength of nerves. As a rule, in the conflict between teacher and student becomes extreme an adult. To protect children, officials and human rights activists. Teachers, in turn, saying: «We are powerless». Knowing this, advanced children sometimes do not stop to use their «omnipotence». Where is the line — that allowed teachers and what is not, understood RIA Novosti.

Either be patient or leave

Private school in Yaroslavl in one day became famous throughout the country because of the inscription «Not ready» that had been left on his forehead 14-year-old student — the invalid of the childhood, teacher of Russian language Violetta Pashkevich. Moreover, this helped her classmates of the teenager: a boy holding hands, not to loose.

The incident occurred in October, but became aware of it only now — the fact interested in law enforcement. The boy’s mother asked the Prosecutor. Now to the story involved the Investigative Committee in the Yaroslavl region are checking. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case on signs of structure of the crime provided by article 156 of the criminal code of Russian Federation («default of duties on education of minors»), reported on the Agency’s website.

After the publicity in the media happened and school inspection: a teacher yet was suspended from school. The teacher, meanwhile, began to make excuses and said that the teenager that just got under her hot hand. However, the boy’s parents remorse did not touch.

Classmates, assisted the teacher, also trying to shield himself. According to them, the guy himself didn’t want to learn and others not allowed: the job is not carried out, constantly tried to disrupt the lessons. Therefore, they explain, the teacher could not stand. The experience Pashkevich about 10 years of experience.

RIA Novosti has tried to get a comment from the Director of the Yaroslavl school. However, talking to a reporter flatly refused and hung up.

However, dismissal may not be saved if insistent parents of the affected child will have satisfaction and will go to the prosecution, as happened in Yaroslavl.

But not all are going to drastic measures. This week has been one of the controversial school history. In the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd region the mother of the student regretted older teacher and wrote a letter to the local Department of education claims, they say, no. And it was so: at recess one patalaska removed the belt and repeatedly stabbed the classmate. The conflict quickly stopped Ekaterina Ivanovna, a teacher of mathematics. She took an instrument of execution and a couple of times slapped the attacker. «You are what kicks it beat? You already consisted on the account, aren’t you? Again, you a to put? To your belt!» — I brought up the bully teacher.

«Teachers are always «smear», it is always wrong! Therefore, people take advantage of this — and rightly so. If this was allowed, then why not? What can the teacher? Nothing, at all. We are told: «there are No bad students, only bad teachers.» Seeing this attitude on the part of the school administration, the students just sit on our heads,» says the teacher of the Moscow school with 20 years of experience, who wished not to give his name.

Scandalous stories are of different shades, she explains: it’s one thing to write on his forehead «Not ready», holding power, and another to spank the bully for bullying a classmate. In her opinion, to return to the old practice. Namely, to leave the two in the second year. She was sure that it disciplinarum students and teachers are less likely to break.