In cjr found rational grain in idea to reduce the number of age-related markings

© Fotolia / kaliantyeМальчик reading a book. Archival photoIn cjr found rational grain in idea to reduce the number of age-related markings© Fotolia / kaliantye

In the proposal of the Ministry of communications to reduce the number of age labels in Russia is rational, but the idea to keep only one marked «18+» should be discussed, to cancel all at once — the decision is wrong, says the head of the press service of the Union of journalists of Russia, Jan Radzevich.

Earlier, the Deputy Ministry of communications Alexei Volin said that the Ministry will consider the possibility of reducing the number of age labels in 2018, it is possible that only the marking «18+». Volin said that Russia «has problems with the marking of 6+, 12+ and 16+» because there is no clear understanding what the difference between them.

«A clear opinion here, but, in any case, a grain of truth in this sentence, of course, is… Because really, sometimes it is almost impossible to determine where the criterion, where is the line and who are the people that define that if a person is less than six years, then he can’t watch, listen or read if he knows how,» said RIA Novosti Radzevich.

In his opinion, «the question was raised at least fair.»

«Some decision to take, what to take and cancel all, perhaps incorrectly, but to put the issue up for discussion is probably a reasonable proposal,» — said the representative of the Russian Union of journalists.