In Omsk told about the condition of the house, where exploded gas

© Photo : MOE Assistrance of the Ministry of emergency situations during elimination of consequences of explosion of gas cylinder in Omsk. 23 Dec 2017In Omsk told about the condition of the house, where exploded gas© Photo : Russian emergencies Ministry

Danger of the destruction of apartment houses in Omsk, where the gas exploded, no, said the acting Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov after a meeting of the operational headquarters.

According GUMCHS the region on Saturday in Omsk, a 10-storey non-gasified house on the street 2nd Amur passage occurred explosion of a gas cylinder in the kitchen of the apartment on the last floor without burning. As a result collapsed internal baffle wall in the kitchen in an apartment. One person was injured, his life is out of danger. Deterioration not expected.

«The most important thing, according to the builders, the danger of the destruction there is neither the entrance, where the explosion occurred nor the next door. At the moment the plane took off with the equipment, «String» from Moscow, the emergency situations Ministry in order to make a detailed examination of all load-bearing structures,» said Burkov.

The head of the region noted that, however, he decided that all the inhabitants of the house (previously mentioned on 75 evacuated) you spend the night at the hotel. «We place everyone in the hotel «Irtysh», a hot meal is ready. All in order to avoid any danger,» — said the head of the region.