In Petersburg starts the festival of ice sculptures

© RIA Novosti / Kuznetsov Seraphique from the ice. Archival photoIn Petersburg starts the festival of ice sculptures© RIA Novosti / Sergey Kuznetsov

The festival of ice sculptures ICE Fantasy opens Saturday at the Peter and Paul fortress beach in St. Petersburg.

Ice compositions created by professional team of Russian sculptors — winners of international exhibitions, festivals and shows in Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, China. In General, the creation of sculptures in this year, it took 180 tons of ice. The sculptures will be located in a special tent where the temperature is below zero is supported by a powerful refrigeration units.

«Hands of world-class masters hundreds of tons of crystal ice are transformed into a magical land where everyone will be able to meet your favorite heroes of fairy tales, cartoons and movies in the fantasy,» — noted in the press service of the State Museum of history of the city.

Festival guests will be greeted with sculptures of Santa Claus and snow Maiden and the symbol of 2018 – the dog Hachiko, near which you can make a wish and freezing a coin for good luck. Here you can also see the sculpture of the bear Umki with the mother-bear and other characters from famous cartoons. Fans of the TV series «Game of thrones» will present sculptural composition «believe In the White Walkers?»

«A special place on the festival will be the architectural masterpieces of our city: the mysterious griffins guardian Bank bridge, mighty Atlantes of the Hermitage, fulfilling romantic desires by touching them lovers, as well as an Ice house, created at the whim of Anna Ivanovna for the fool’s wedding. Continuing the theme of St. Petersburg, a huge Elephant in the company of a Pug going for a walk along the Nevsky prospect, illustrating the story of the famous fable,» say the organizers.

The ice sculpture festival will be open to visitors until February 4, 2018.