In Stavropol have faced cargo «the Gazelle» minibus

© Fotolia / O. FarionАвтомобиль police. Archival photoIn Stavropol have faced cargo «the Gazelle» minibus© Fotolia / O. Farion

Two people died and five were injured in the collision of a cargo «Gazelle» minibus in the Stavropol region, informs management of traffic police on the edge.

«On Saturday morning on the territory of kochubeevsky district there was a collision of a Mercedes and a truck «Gazelle». According to the preliminary version, the driver «gazelles» has made departure on a strip of oncoming traffic where collided with an oncoming passenger minibus Mercedes, moving on the route Pyatigorsk – Stavropol», — stated in the message.

The accident killed two people — the passenger of «Gazelle» and the passenger of the Mercedes. «At this point in time is known about five victims — both drivers and three passengers of the minibus, the exact amount is specified», — have informed in UGIBDD.

Only the minibus had 15 people, and the «gazelles» — three. «The injured were taken to the hospital of Nevinnomyssk. Traffic at the scene hampered. The circumstances of the accident, and the degree of responsibility of both drivers installed by the police», — said the traffic police.

In Stavropol have faced cargo «the Gazelle» minibus© RIA Novosti, Infographique to do in case of an accident