In the USA the Ministry of justice will review the case of drug smuggling by Hezbollah

© Flickr / cliff1066™the U.S. Department of justice. Archival photoIn the USA the Ministry of justice will review the case of drug smuggling by Hezbollah© Flickr / cliff1066™

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions ordered to review the implementation of the «Project Cassandra» on the investigation of drug smuggling by Hezbollah, reported the U.S. Department of justice on Friday.

«I hope that the previous administration was not created barriers that would allow the staff of management on fight against drugs to consider fully all the things in the «Project Cassandra» this is a significant problem for the protection of Americans. We will review these aspects and provide full support to the investigation in relation to violent narcomaniei,» he said.

The decision is probably due to the publication Politico that the Obama administration «sacrificed» efforts to punish members of Hezbollah for drug crimes in order to enlist the cooperation of Iran’s agreement on its nuclear program. It was reported that the Obama administration has closed its investigation into drug smuggling by Hezbollah, including in the United States that Iran has not abandoned nuclear deal.

«The Ministry of justice is fully committed to investigate and punish organizations involved in international drug trafficking, and in collaboration with the DEA agents (office for the fight against drugs, composed of the US Department of justice – ed.) and the FBI, we will do everything possible to make America safer,» said sessions.

The campaign «the Cassandra Project» was launched in 2008 after evidence was presented that the movement «Hezbollah» engaged in drug trafficking and weapons, money laundering and committing other criminal acts. This has brought the movement about $ 1 billion a year.