Japan reported on the successful conclusion of satellites in orbit

© AFP 2017 / Jiji Rheus of the carrier rocket H-2A. Archival photoJapan reported on the successful conclusion of satellites in orbit© 2017 AFP / Jiji Press

Both the Japanese satellite «Shikisai» (GCOM-C) and «Tsubame» (SLATS) has successfully launched into its orbit, reported on Saturday, the Japanese space Agency JAXA.

Meteorological satellite «Shikisai» (Global Change Observation Mission, GCOM) will be in orbit at an altitude of 790 kilometers, it includes measurements of microscopic dust in the atmosphere and clouds. He will also have to measure the degree of absorption of carbon dioxide by plants, to find out how this affects the content of this gas in the atmosphere.

Experimental satellite «Tsubame» (Super Low Altitude Test Satellite, SLATS) must be able to verify the possibility of stable operation in low earth orbit with an altitude of 200-300 kilometers, where the high resistance of the atmosphere.

A feature of the launch is that the satellites will be separated at different times and in different orbits.