Putin addressed the Congress of «United Russia»

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Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at the seventeenth Congress of «United Russia» and said that a guarantee of development of the country, how the country overcame the «insurmountable» in the economy that need to be taken in the social sector and how to ensure progress in the «world of tomorrow».

During the Congress, the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the EP Dmitry Medvedev said that United Russia welcomes the decision of Vladimir Putin’s self-election in 2018, and will provide the incumbent President with all necessary support.

Regular elections of the President of Russia will take place on March 18, 2018, the election campaign officially started on 18 December.


First and foremost, Putin said that the authorities and the party «United Russia» — the Foundation, but not a guarantee of future development. In his opinion, it is necessary to set ourselves even more ambitious goals and achieve results.

Speaking on the proposed solutions for the development of Russia, Putin said they should focus on the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens. He also added that «only in conditions of national consensus» to achieve the implementation of the plans.

«Sustainability is, of course, is not conservatism, not the rigid, frozen, zabronzovevshy, lagging behind the requirements of time design» — expressed his opinion the President, calling for development.

According to the politician, there is nothing that undermines stability and does not steal resource development, corruption, lawlessness and indifference of officials and business. In Russia it is necessary to liberalize the law, to get rid of vague norms by which unscrupulous law enforcement officers use to «impact» in the business, he said.

Putin also drew attention to the fact that Russia should continue to expand mechanisms of direct democracy, with respect for a capable and responsible opposition. The Russian President stressed that he sees a strong, responsible, free civil society, which «rejects populism and empty talk,» the key guarantee of the irreversibility of change.

Putin touched on the topic of external threats and said that Russia does not seek confrontation with anyone, and the strength of the country is aimed at protecting. «Ready to work with all countries in the West and in the East — on the principles of trust and equality. But we will never sacrifice the safety of our citizens and national interests of our people», — Putin said.

The increase in income and increase in pensions

The President of Russia noted the need to achieve long-term sustainable increase of incomes and increase of pensions.

«We certainly need to continue efforts to reduce the number of people with incomes below the subsistence level, reduce the poverty level and mass, the scale of which poses a threat to the stability and unity of our society,» Putin said. The President stressed that this situation «just humiliates people.»

Russia, based on economic growth needs to target poverty, as was the case with inflation, the President said. Putin added that pensioners, both current and future, should know that they are all securely and stably.

However, he said that you can not promise people the impossible, as it was in 90-e years, and called for a new labor market, a flexible system of vocational education.

Overcame insurmountable

«We overcame the seemingly insurmountable trend in the economy,» touched on the economic aspect of the President. According to him, Russia will ensure that the level of the Russian economy has reached and exceeded the global.

Putin said that Russia needs to radically upgrade the country’s infrastructure, domestic companies need to go global.

«Russia should become a space of genuine economic freedom for all who run his business for tens of thousands of new start-UPS, large family businesses, farms and individual entrepreneurs. And this is also a guarantee of the irreversibility of our sustainability», — said the head of state.

The world of tomorrow

Russia needs to develop new industries, it is necessary to ensure the steady progress of Russia in the «world of tomorrow», said the politician. He urged not to treat Russia «as his beloved grandmother,» and make it young and looking to the future, and discard everything that hinders the renewal of Russia.

The politician said about the need to set goals for the long term, not based on the requirements of the moment.

«Our joint work, will power and responsibility for the present and future of Russia — is the surest guarantee of its worthy, ground-breaking, irreversible development. I am confident in our success because with us millions of Russian citizens. We are together, we go forward. And, of course, there is no force that can stop this movement of Russia forward, we will go, we will go from victory to victory», — finished his speech Putin.