Sobchak supported the position Gudkov respect to the shares on 24 December

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in Photobacterium Ksenia Sobchak speaks at a Congress of the party of Civic initiative in Moscow. 23 Dec 2017Sobchak supported the position Gudkov respect to the shares on 24 December© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

TV presenter, public figure, a candidate for the Russian presidential elections from the party «Civil initiative» Ksenia Sobchak, said he supported the position of the former Deputy Dmitry Gudkov concerning the rally on December 24.

«I support the position of Dmitry Gudkov, agreed especially for municipal deputies — it rarely happens in our country — absolutely authorized rally on Sakharov Avenue. And frankly, with all due respect to my colleagues, and opposition leaders I don’t understand why hold an unauthorized event, which the city authorities have already clearly said that they will not allow the holding and are likely to disperse when there’s a Playground, a wonderful venue — the Avenue Sakharov, where possible, resolved at once again to come and do to hold a rally for freedom of speech,» said Sobchak reporters on Saturday.

«I was going to come to the Sakharov Avenue, supported the opportunity allowed General of the opposition rally for the first time in, if I’m not mistaken, two 2 years. And what we have now that chance is now missed, I am very sorry,» — said TV presenter.

Earlier, the head of Council of deputies of Krasnoselsky district Ilya Yashin said on 11 December, «informed the Prefecture TSAO» about the conduct of the December 24 rally in Lermontov square in Moscow. In turn, the head of the Moscow regional security Department Vladimir Chernikov told RIA Novosti that Yashin should be sure to agree on a bid to host your events a month before the scheduled date. Prefecture TSAO has denied Yashin in carrying out the action in connection with the violation of the term of notice and the lack of necessary documents. The Moscow Prosecutor’s office put forward Yashin caution on administrative liability, if he follows uncoordinated action.

Later the Moscow city court satisfied the claim of the Deputy from district Krasnoselsky Aleftina Baseeball, to challenge the decision of Council of deputies of the municipal district of holding 24 Dec bullets «holiday» «Day of free elections» in Lermontov square in Moscow. In turn, the interior Ministry asks citizens to refrain from participation in an unauthorized event in Moscow on 24 December, in accordance with the law, the police will take all necessary steps to prevent the specified uncoordinated actions are noted in a capital Central Board of the Ministry of interior.

On Tuesday, the Moscow mayor’s office approved a rally on Sakharov Avenue in Central Moscow on December 24, which is ex-the Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Gudkov. Due to the fact that Yashin had previously called on its supporters to take part in illegal, inconsistent events in Lermontov Park, the municipality decided to coordinate the application Gudkov to the event on the Academician Sakharov Avenue, which does not threaten the lives and well-being of Muscovites. On Wednesday, the press service of the Moscow Department of regional security and combating corruption said that he had received a statement of Gudkova about not having a consistent rally on December 24.