The analyst praised Putin’s speech at the Congress of «United Russia»

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in potomacfever Putin at the XVII Congress of all-Russian political party United Russia. 23 Dec 2017The analyst praised Putin’s speech at the Congress of «United Russia»© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal the image Bank

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the delegates of Saturday’s Congress of «United Russia» addressed to the domestic audience of the country, a word about stability in the economy, the political influence of the Russian Federation actually counteract the demotivation that could arise from some Russians because of outside pressure, said General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

Earlier at the Congress of United Russia in Moscow, Putin said that Russia has overcome insurmountable problems in the economy. He stressed that Russia does not seek confrontation with anyone, the strength of the country is aimed at protection against external threats. Moscow, he said, are ready to work with the West and the East on the principles of trust and equality, but Russia will never sacrifice the national interests of the people. Putin also thanked United Russia for the fact that it is a powerful unifying political force for the development of Russia. He stressed that the party deserve leadership with real deeds.

«This is the speech of the winner, a political leader who understands that relies on the support of wide layers of the population. «United Russia» — one of the political parties, the party has a constitutional majority, therefore, addressing her, the President addressed all the things that he wanted to address the representatives of major social groups of the country,» Mukhin told RIA Novosti.

He stressed that this speech, indeed, was the speech winner. «It’s bad news for those who are initiated against Russia sanctions and had intended to apply not only an image damage, but also demotivate the different social groups and the Russian political establishment. This did not happen, and this is the biggest miscalculation of the initiators of the sanctions impact on Russia», — said the expert.

Putin’s speech at the Congress aimed primarily at a domestic audience, he said. «Because when you’re outside, in the media, the forces of public opinion leaders say that «you have a flawed democracy, you have no economy,» and so forth, it demotivates. So Vladimir Putin the demotivation just cancels,» — said General Director of the Center for political information.

He explained that, given the competence of the President, Putin has an entire volume of information required for different decisions and, consequently, sees the situation much more clearly than any other citizen of the country. «It drained just this information. And so, when he talks about stability in the economy, the political influence of Russia, he knows what he’s talking about. And it has a therapeutic effect on those social groups who, because of outside pressure discomfort», — said Mukhin.