British police have applied the method of «the Simpsons» for catching criminals

© AP Photo / Tim IrelandСотрудники police in Britain. Archival photoBritish police have applied the method of «the Simpsons» for catching criminals© AP Photo / Tim Ireland

Law enforcement officers from South Yorkshire in the UK detained more than 20 criminals, resorting to a method similar to welcome police officers from the animated series «the Simpsons,» writes the Independent.

The publication notes that the police sent the alleged locations of wanted criminals cards on behalf of a nonexistent company with an offer to receive a free gift for the New year. To receive the promised gift recipients had to specify delivery time and address. Subsequent to the alleged perpetrators came instead of couriers law enforcement officers. With this method, the police caught 21 of the criminal, who were accused of robbery, assault, drunk driving and other offenses.

As noted by the Independent, the users of social networks drew attention to the similarity of this story with that used police chief Wiggum Clarens in the eighth series of the ninth season of «the Simpsons». In the animated series, the police sent out to violators of law and order invitation cards for the distribution of free boats. Among the guests were, and one of the main characters Homer Simpson found in violation of Parking regulations.

However, the publication emphasizes that it is not known whether members of the British police used their trick under the influence of the animated series.