In the Federation Council called «important» the call to return to the Russian military in SCCC

© AFP 2017 / Anatolii StepanovРоссийские soldiers of the JCCC in Donetsk region. Archival photoIn the Federation Council called «important» the call to return to the Russian military in SCCC© AFP 2017 / Anatolii Stepanov

Senator Franz Klintsevich called «important» calls the Western countries to return Russian troops in the composition of the SCCC. He also said that such a scenario is possible, if the organ be viable.

«I think that the return of the Russian officers SCCC may be realized. Of course, on one condition. We are talking about the transformation of this center into a real instrument of control over the situation in Donbass», — said the MP.

He also noted that the Russian officers should identify the activities of the centre, along with all other participants.

The Senator also expressed the opinion that the demand of France and Germany to the Russian side to return to JCCC «very significant».

«In Europe realize that without Russia as one of the guarantors of the Minsk process of peaceful settlement of the internal Ukrainian crisis, in principle, impossible,» — said Klintsevich.

He told me the reason of the withdrawal of the Russian officers SCCC. According to him, is «unwillingness to be extras in the body, which solves nothing.» Klintsevich added that Russia has many other opportunities to influence the situation.

Senator Alexei Pushkov, in turn, said that Western countries should demand from the Ukrainian authorities «to change behavior».

According to him, only then is it possible to return the Russian officers SCCC.

Of responsibility of Ukraine

A similar position was expressed in the Duma. As noted by the Deputy Leonid Slutsky, the Russian officers back to the body, if Kiev will stop the provocations.

He believes that Western countries must move from words to action and to achieve from the Ukrainian authorities to perform Minsk agreement.

Slutsky also commented on the renewal of EU sanctions against Russia.

«And again, «the Ukrainian question» was used for the argumentation of this decision, although we do not tire of repeating that we are not party to the conflict in the Donbass. Maybe it’s time to take a sober look at things, to stop blaming Russia and to adopt adequate measures to influence Kiev, who openly sabotaged «Minsk-2» the MP added.

The General-Lieutenant Evgeny Buzhinsky, commenting on the possible return of the Russian officers in the JCCC, said that this is possible only when Kiev guarantees human relations and create normal conditions for the performance of official duties.

«Good treatment. Who is opposed to the truce observed? As for the return, they (Russian soldiers) are not just left there. They left because their stay (JCCC) became useless. Not only that, they were not given with the local population to communicate at the line of contact is not allowed, but still to the toilet under escort carrier. How long could such abuse be tolerated? I would be a chief, also ordered to leave,» said Buzhinsky.

However, he stressed that Russia needs to guarantee not only from Ukraine but also from Germany and France, which, in his opinion, «withdrew from the case, only in their capitals to make any statements.»

«We need more work, so to speak, with his team from Kiev», — said the General-the Lieutenant of a stock.Ukrainian authorities have denied accusations of Russia and called for withdrawal of the Russian officers SCCC «provocation.»
A few days ago the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks. In particular, the parties touched upon the issue of withdrawal of the Russian officers of the composition SCCC. As explained by the Chancellor of the Russian leader, it had to go due to the fact that Ukraine has applied various restrictions in order to obstruct the work of the Russian officers.

The German foreign Ministry expressed regret in connection with Russia’s decision to withdraw its officers from the SCCC. In the British diplomatic service, in turn, said that the Russian authorities undermine the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the withdrawal of officers from the authority.

Subsequently Angela Merkel and President of France Emmanuel macron has called on Russia to return to JCCC. In addition, they called on all parties to the conflict to fulfil their responsibilities and as soon as possible to implement the agreements they signed, «to mitigate the suffering of people.» A similar statement was made by the Polish foreign Ministry. In Warsaw believe that the withdrawal of the Russian officers was a factor that contributed to a tense situation.

SCCC created after the conclusion of the Minsk agreements. It is formed from the Russian and Ukrainian military on behalf of the presidents of the two countries.