Interpol commented on the detention of the opposition in the Geneva airport

© AFP 2017 / John Tworzenie Yatsenyuk. Archival photoInterpol commented on the detention of the opposition in the Geneva airport© 2017 AFP / John Thys

The head of the Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol Basil Captivity, said that the situation with the verification of ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the airport of Geneva is not associated with the instructions of Interpol or the necessity of his detention.

«That was a standard procedure of passport control, which really lasted a short time, and after Yatsenyuk was skipped, he was given the opportunity to cross the border of Switzerland… the Events that occurred at the airport, not in any way associated with the presence of some information in the databases of Interpol Yatsenyuk,» said Bondage the TV channel «112 Ukraine».

Press Secretary Yatsenyuk Olga Lappo said that the politician was detained at passport control, allegedly at the request of Russia, but after checking released. The interior Ministry of Ukraine said that no obstacles to the movement of ex-Premier worldwide on the initiative of Interpol or its channels.

In March, Moscow gave Kiev a copy of the court decision to arrest Yatsenyuk under three articles: «Participation in an armed group», «Liability for the attempted crime» and «murder». Then the Investigative Committee said that have proofs of participation eks-a premiere of Ukraine in the fighting in Chechnya in 1994-1995. Yatsenyuk denies the charges and plans to file a lawsuit to the ECHR.