«Machine Ghost» from Barnaul puzzled users of social networks

Users of social networks had a difference of opinion on the video, which depicts the sudden appearance on the roadway of the car «Chevrolet Niva». Video published on page 22 in Barnaul social network Vkontakte.

The record shows, as if you try to replay to the left of the driver blocks Niva, which have not recorded the DVR. In the explanation of the video says that the incident happened in the Leninsky district of the city of Barnaul.

The views of the commentators about what happened on the video were divided: some called «the Field» «machine Ghost», others suggested that it started the movement from the curb and therefore does not hit the frame. «I was not able to consider it to intersection, hike the Ghost,» written by Rahul Alakbarov. «The flying Dutchman», — said Andrey Butorin.

There were those who noticed that during a turn the driver has violated the rules without stopping and without checking that the road is clear. Some felt that the reason for the appearance of «Ghost» may be a dirty windshield, fog or glare from headlights.

Most users supported the version according to which the car could move off from a bus stop located near the intersection, and get into the «blind spot». «Is anyone went near the car, he was overclocking,» wrote Paul pisotskyi. «On the seventh second left turns, and is strictly for the car» — said the subscriber group under the name the Antithesis of Potentials.