Medina refused to assess the ballet «Nureyev»

© AFP 2017 / Mladen AntonovАфиша ballet Nureyev. Archival photoMedina refused to assess the ballet «Nureyev»© 2017 AFP / Mladen Antonov

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky refused to give their assessment of the ballet «Nureyev», which premiered at the Bolshoi theatre in early December.

The premiere of the ballet «Nureyev» by composer Ilya Demutsky with choreography by Yuri Posokhova and stage direction by Kirill Serebrennikov on the prominent Soviet ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev took place at the Bolshoi theatre on 9 December. On the eve of the premiere of the General Director of the Bolshoi theater Vladimir urin said that the investigators are not allowed Serebrennikov, who is under house arrest, to attend the rehearsals of the ballet and not let him go to the premiere.

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, who was present at the General run of productions, on air of transfer of «actors with Naila Asker-zade» refused to evaluate a sensational performance.

«That’s when I will cease to be a Minister of culture, I will be Frank with you to evaluate works of art, what is good, what is bad,» said Medina.

The Minister stressed that the fact that to pay homage to the authors of the production of «Nureyev» came in t-shirts with inscriptions «Liberty Director» does not affect the performance.

«Even on the fate of these people is not affected. People are creative, free. Want a t-shirt wearing, wanna – syakuyu. We’re not America, we, so to speak, from the profession is not separate… We are a free country,» — said Medinsky.