A resident of the Sverdlovsk region was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the murder of two pensioners

© Fotolia / sebraПравосудие. Archival photoA resident of the Sverdlovsk region was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the murder of two pensioners© Fotolia / sebra

A resident of the city of Degtyarsk in Sverdlovsk region convicted of the murder couples retirees, sentenced to 21 year of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of strict regime, according to the website of the RF IC in Sverdlovsk region.

It is noted that on the evening of 4 November 2016 in the apartment on Kalinina street in degtiarsk the defendant drank alcohol with their friends. After a while the man went to the store for alcohol, met in the stairwell of the elderly couple and asked them for money. A pensioner asked him to come to her home later. Those who came for the money to the man, the husband of the pensioner said that the money they give. In this context, the attacker repeatedly struck the man with a knife, inflicting wounds to the face, neck and body. From the received traumas the pensioner has died on the spot. His wife, the offender killed, not to leave a witness to a crime.

«The investigative Department of the city of Revda of the IC of Russia in Sverdlovsk region the evidence recognized by the court sufficient to convict the 36-year-old unemployed resident of the city of Degtyarsk. He was found guilty of committing a crime under paragraphs «a», «K» of article 105 of the criminal code «murder of two persons, including for the purpose of concealing another crime»… the Verdict of the Sverdlovsk regional court the attacker was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment in a penal colony, followed by restriction of liberty for a term of two years», — stated in the message.

Also the sentence of the court satisfied a civil claim of the victim for compensation of two million rubles as compensation of moral harm and compensation of the caused damage for the sum of 117 thousand roubles.

As reported, during the preliminary investigation of the crime, investigators have interviewed about 40 witnesses. Was appointed and conducted a forensic molecular-genetic and fire-technical examination. Was also conducted outpatient forensic psychiatric examination of defendant. It showed that the man was sane and was aware of the illegality of their actions.

Added that initially, the detainee confessed to the crime, wrote a confession. With his participation was conducted to verify the readings on the place where the man described as a were killed by a retired married couple. But then an attacker has refused earlier given indications. He put forward an alibi, saying that at the time of the murder was in a different place. He also tried to lead the detectives on a false trail, saying that he didn’t need the money, as he used a Bank card. Witnesses refuted the alibi men, the investigators found that in day of Commission of crime it with a credit card is not used.