Co-owner of Promsvyazbank to the Ananyev has no plans to challenge the decision of the Central Bank in court

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in fotoreceptor of the Board of PJSC Promsvyazbank, Dmitry Ananyev. Archival photoCo-owner of Promsvyazbank to the Ananyev has no plans to challenge the decision of the Central Bank in court© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

Co-owner of Promsvyazbank Dmitry Ananev has no plans to sue the Central Bank of the Russian Federation due to the introduction in the Bank temporary administration, although it considers the regulator’s decision on reorganization erroneous.

The Bank of Russia on 15 December announced a reorganization of the PSB, the main beneficiaries are brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananeva, through the controlled by the regulator Fund the consolidation of the banking sector (VCBS). A December 22, the Central Bank reported that prepares the appeal to law enforcement agencies on several operations management PSB, with signs of illegal actions. Dmitry Ananiev until the decision on reorganization held the post of Chairman of the Board.

«I’m on the store not the person who tends to go into the area of judicial conflict. I am a supporter of the compromise, the working process» — said Ananev in interview to the newspaper «Vedomosti», answering the question about whether he plans to challenge the decision of the Central Bank to enter temporary administration in the Bank.

According to Ananiev, the decision to sanitize PSB is incorrect and will cause only harm to the Bank. «I am sure that this is a wrong decision. And that the events that occurred in the last two weeks, have caused and continue to cause harm to one of the best private banks in the country,» said the banker, adding that no written statement with a request to sanitize the pot forces PCBS.

«I’m in October and November met with the President of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. Felt and the confidence and the support felt and humane treatment. What happened and how did you persuade the head by 12 December for me is still a mystery,» — said Ananev. We are talking about the charges against the Central Bank requirement within three days to assess additional reserves, the failure of which became the basis for the decision on reorganization of the PSB.

According to Ananiev, PSB tried to find capital, but in such a short time this was not possible. However, he did not rule out that it may have on the Bank’s balance sheet their assets. «I think we will try to find constructive options,» the banker said, answering the question asked whether the Central Bank to create Bank assets, as was the case with «FC Opening» and Binbank.

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