Disclosed the real value of bitcoin

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The analysts of Morgan Staneley conducted a study and found out how reasonable the current price of bitcoin in 14 thousand dollars, according to Business Insider.

The experts noted that cryptocurrency is very different from the gold or Fiat money, because it has nothing to do with the interest rate. It is more like a payment network, where no fee is charged for the transaction. It is emphasized that its price is difficult to compute with classical tools of economic analysis. Moreover, the bitcoin could be worth zero dollars, and its real «weight» is determined solely by the level of demand of the settlement system.

«If no one will use the technology for payment, its value will be zero,» — said the head of the team of experts, James Fawcett.

According to analysts, the average value of transactions in bitcoins per day is around three billion dollars. While in the foreign exchange market trading volume exceeds five trillion.