Gref warned the United States against a massive expansion of anti-Russian sanctions

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in fotoreceptor of the Board of Sberbank of Russia German Gref. Archival photoGref warned the United States against a massive expansion of anti-Russian sanctions© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

The head of Sberbank German Gref warned the United States against the introduction of large-scale sanctions against Russia, reports the Financial Times. According to him, the cold war compared to them seem «child’s play».

In August, Donald trump has signed a law expanding the number of sectoral restrictions against the Russian economy.


Gref called the «irrational» step possible to turn off Russia from interbank SWIFT system, within the framework of the new restrictions from the US.

As the newspaper notes, the West in favor of Russia off from the SWIFT vote in 2014, since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis

SWIFT is an international interbank system of information transfer and make payments. It is connected to more than 10.8 thousand largest organisations in more than 200 countries.

In October 2014, the organization said that a number of States require SWIFT to join the sanctions against Russia. In 2015 in Russia to create an analogue to SWIFT — e-settlement system «the World».

Russia may respond

According to a member of the Council for interethnic relations under the President of Russia Bogdan Bezpalko, yet because of U.S. sanctions, the European Union is suffering.

«He brings major losses due to the reduction of trade and economic relations with Russia, he is forced to make decisions that are political and not economic in nature,» he said.

Bezpalko also commented on the plan of disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT system.

«SWIFT is an independent system, and, in theory, disable Russia as a country can not» — said the expert.

However, according to him, the risk is still there, because now all the rules and regulations are actually violated.

«But even if that happens, we’ll deal with it. On the other hand, Russia, too, can take a number of retaliatory steps, including in the banking sphere», — said the expert.

It will be sensitive to those institutions that are trying to put pressure on Moscow, made Bespalko.

«Black Swan»

Earlier, Gref said that possible US sanctions against Russian sovereign debt is a «black Swan», which cannot be ruled out.

However, according to him, to speak about it prematurely.

The term «Black Swan» refers to unpredictable events that entail significant consequences. Subsequently, the event gets a rationalistic explanation, as if it was expected.

«The bad guys»

On Monday, the newspaper «Kommersant» reported that the trump is preparing a «Kremlin report» — a list of senior Russian officials and close to the government businessmen.

Inclusion in this list does not mean automatic imposition of sanctions against the official, however, increases the risk of such developments. For example, many us and European banks can deny a person from this list in cooperation, as you can find, what to do with him is risky.

As told the publication former coordinator of sanctions policy at the state Department, the expert of the Washington Atlantic Council Daniel fried, the list «should be point, not mass»: «stir up a report just for the sake of pretty numbers don’t.»

He believes that it would be better to be more than a short but strong list of «bad guys» that «really linked to corruption, criminal activity or acts of aggression».

Gref warned the United States against a massive expansion of anti-Russian sanctions© Infografiken sanctions against Russia and retaliatory measures