In Chechnya, a member of the HRC announced a new list of Russians found in the prison of Baghdad

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Atroshchanka human rights activist Kheda Saratova. Archival photoIn Chechnya, a member of the HRC announced a new list of Russians found in the prison of Baghdad© RIA Novosti / Alexander Natruskin

— RIA Novosti. Preliminary list of Russian women and children found by the authorities in Chechnya in the Baghdad women’s prison, gave RIA Novosti a member of the HRC at the head of the Chechnya Kheda Saratova, a member of the working group on search and return of Russian women and children, transported the men to the territory controlled by Islamic state*. The unit is headed by a member of the Federation Council, the representative of the head of Chechnya in the Middle East and North Africa Ziad Sabsabi.

Earlier RIA Novosti news Agency has already published the list of Russian women with children found in the camp of the Iraqi Mosul, and placed in a women’s prison of the Baghdad of the 104 people — 25 women and 79 children. According to Saratova, many relatives have got in touch with the working group.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, last week announced that one of the Iraqi camps found a new group of Russians of 13 women and 28 children. One prisoner — three-year-old orphan from Dagestan, Sabsabi was able to take out in the middle of last week from Iraq and to family.

In the new list of 13 women and 27 children.

Muradkhanova Sedat Alyagrova, 1977, Derbent (Dagestan), with her two children 9 and 16 years, grandson, born in 2017.

Kadyrov bariyat Hajibalayeva, born in 1968, Makhachkala (Dagestan), it is 11 years girl.

Kadyrov ain Islamovna, born in 1989, daughter Bariyat Kadyrova, Dagestan, with them four children – two boys and two girls aged one to 12 years.

Rumyanova Elmira Razimova, born in 1997, Derbent (Dagestan), with her two children one to three years.

Muradova Aida Gadjiakaev, born in 1992, Makhachkala (Dagestan), with her two children from two to five years.

Magomedkhanov Elvira Muhamedjanova, born in 1997, Derbent (Dagestan), with her two children one to three years.

Baimurzaeva Amelia Nurutdinova, born in 1995, Dagestan, with her two-year-old.

Ismailova Alisa Davidova, Makhachkala (Dagestan).

Idrissov Dean Imametdinova, born in 1989, Izberbash (Dagestan), with her three children from one to seven years.

Prozac, Elena S., born in 1987, in Bryansk oblast, with her four children – two boys and two girls from one to nine years.

Baimatova Nilufar Sattarovna, born in 1968, Moscow.

(…) Maria, born in 2000, Moscow, with her little boy.

Madaeva Deputy Okusheva, born in 1971, Gudermes (Chechnya).

The list includes three-year-old girl from Dagestan by the name of kavsar. It is known that the name of her mother Kalimat, she’s born in 1994. Data on the whereabouts of mother not, perhaps the girl was an orphan.

The list also there are three men: Ibrahim Ismailov, Ismailov and Muhammad ISA Arsanukaev. No data about their age and origins of the working group.

Saratov asked the relatives of the women and children to contact the working group by phone: +7 928 085-79-51 and +7 938 909-50-96.

The criminal process

This is an incomplete list found in prison of Russian women with children. According to the latest who told reporters Sabsabi, a women’s prison in Baghdad contains 69 women and 108 children. When they manage to return home is unknown. The Senator said that over time the return procedure from the territory of Iraq the Russians, visited the site of IG* complicated.

According to him, all are in prison of Russian women, starting from 14 years are charged under two articles of the Iraqi legislation — terrorism and illegal crossing of the state border of Iraq.

Their interests in the Baghdad criminal court will protect local lawyers hired Sabsabi on behalf of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. They have already started examination. The process of consideration of cases may take on average up to three months. While it is difficult to imagine how the Iraqi justice will be merciful to the Russians. Their fate will be decided by court.

* Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization