In Minkowksi tightened the selection of investment projects in the state program of the NCFD

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Travelagency. Archival photoIn Minkowksi tightened the selection of investment projects in the state program of the NCFD© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov

The criteria of selection of investment projects implemented in the North Caucasus in the framework of the state program of development skfo, in 2018 tightened, which ensures a higher degree of sophistication of projects, told RIA Novosti the first Deputy head of Minkowksi Russia odes Baysultanov.

On Monday, the Russian Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs will be a meeting of the interagency working group on selection of investment projects for 2018 under the state program «Development of Severo-the Caucasian Federal district» for the period up to 2025. Will take place presentation of investment projects submitted by entities of the macro-region.

«We have tightened our approach to the selection of investment projects, using the experience of last year. Projects that reach participate in the selection of the state program, have passed several kinds of expertise – at the municipal level, then regional. For each project we have the conclusion of the ministries of economy of a subject of the North Caucasus Federal district. Think selected for 2018 the projects will be on a head above, than last year. Requirements for them has increased and they will be better, more elaborate,» — said Baysultanov.

In 2017, the Minkowksi included in the state program of development skfo 15 investment projects in the fields of industry, tourism and agricultural-industrial complex. Their support for each subject of the North Caucasus received 500 million rubles.

«We finish 2017 with a very positive dynamics. We have ensured that one invested ruble has received a return to the ruble of private investment. That is, a total of seven regions, we have allocated 3.5 billion rubles and 3.5 billion rubles of investments we have received from investors,» — said Baysultanov.

According to him, the first year of implementation of such support projects have shown that there are «some rough edges». «Initially it was assumed that each investor should have been on our invested ruble to have two rubles. But when implementation began, it became clear that to have become fully funded and keep somewhere in the accounts – is meaningless. Technologically, the implementation of most projects requires investment at certain stages. And therefore was subject to adjustment, but with the obligation of the investor in 2018, the money that was nedovrseni in 2017, to invest in the ongoing project,» — said Baysultanov.