In the Moscow parks will install feeders for rabbits

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha in fotobanka charge. Archival photoIn the Moscow parks will install feeders for rabbits© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha the image Bank

Feeders for rabbits will be installed in seven suburban parks so animals do not starve in the winter and did not spoil the bark of trees, according to the portal of the mayor and government capital.

«Special feeder for rabbits began to set in natural parks. Made from wood trays, citizens can leave the cabbage leaves, carrots, apples, oats and other feeding for the furry inhabitants of the natural areas», — stated in the material portal.

It is noted that feeding rabbits is already possible in the natural-historical Park «Tushinsky», which set the two feeders. In the near future feeding grounds will also appear in Silverpine forest and Bitsevsky natural Park. Also the trough will appear in the natural-historical parks «Moskvoretsky», «Kuzminki-Lublin», «Izmailovo» and the natural reserve of the «North».

As reported by the portal in the public environmental budget institution «Mospeada» on natural areas of Moscow there are still hare and hare, the metropolis inhabited only 852 individuals. Share «the satisfied hare», which will last all winter, start to save and increase the population of these animals.

It is reported that the Park visitors will be able to feed rabbits with cabbage leaves, carrots and hay, they also need salt. To fill the feeder with vegetables and hay will employees «Mospeada».

From December to April «Mospeada» also carries out the traditional action «Feed birds in winter». Muscovites will be able to help winter birds remaining in the city.