Low inflation does not slow economic growth, said Nabiullina

© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiye in potamanthidae in support of the ruble. Archival photoLow inflation does not slow economic growth, said Nabiullina© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiyi the image Bank

Low inflation does not slow down economic growth, GDP next year will continue to rise, the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina.

«Low inflation, in my opinion, very important and she does not slow economic growth. We see that economic growth rebounded, and we expect that next year the economy will continue to grow,» she said in an interview with TV channel «Russia 24»

She noted that the GDP growth rate could be higher. «But it requires a certain transformation, it is necessary to improve the investment climate, and of course then we can grow faster. Inflation in itself does not give automatic growth of the economy, but it is a necessary condition, » she added.

CB head reminded that in 2018, the Central Bank expects growth at 1.5-2%. «It is low growth, they can be higher if there are certain changes that will allow you to remove so-called structural constraints in the economy», — said Nabiullina.

The current base forecast of Ministry of economic development assumes that GDP in 2018 will grow by 2.1% in 2019 – by 2.2%, in 2020 the growth rate will increase to 2.3%.