Media: singer Lorde has cancelled a concert in Israel

© Fotolia / AZN99Вид the city of tel Aviv. Archival photoMedia: singer Lorde has cancelled a concert in Israel© Fotolia / AZN99

Production company Naranjah announced that new Zealand singer Lorde has cancelled a concert in tel Aviv scheduled for June, according to the newspaper Yediot Ahronot.

Previously a two-time Grammy winner, new Zealand singer Lorde said that he could cancel the concert in tel Aviv in response to the call of the fans, who asked to remain neutral in the diplomatic dispute over the status of Jerusalem.

«Unfortunately we have to report planned for June performance of the Lorde in Israel is cancelled», — the newspaper quotes the company’s statement. It is noted that the money for the tickets will be returned within 14 working days.

Earlier, similar calls to cancel the concert in tel Aviv was directed by British group Radiohead. Despite these, the group still made in Israel in July.

In early December, trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and signed a document about the transfer of the us Embassy there from tel Aviv. The decision of the us leader was well received in Israel and aroused a negative reaction from many countries, primarily countries in the Middle East and Palestine.

The UN General Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution on non-recognition of decisions of the United States on the status of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, during the vote on Thursday voted for the document 128 countries, opposed by 9, another 35 abstained.