The President of Lithuania wished the people of the country at Christmas of joy and light

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in Photobacterium of Lithuania Dalia GrybauskaiteThe President of Lithuania wished the people of the country at Christmas of joy and light© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

The people of Lithuania on 25 December celebrate Christmas. In the Baltic Republic, the vast majority of the population professes Catholicism, so the Christmas holiday is revered more than the New year.

The people of Lithuania were congratulated by the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia grybauskaitė. «Dear people of Lithuania! It’s a magical time to embody all that was most dear to man. And eternal hope, and faith. This is the moment when we are particularly aware of the power of good. When we again understand that a real holiday is to see the smiles of loved ones, hearing children laugh, share Christmas wafer and give the warmth of his heart. Peace and joy to your home, lots of light overcoming darkness! Merry Christmas!», the President noted.

On the eve before Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, or «Holy Couches» in this day citizens of the Republic gather at the holiday table, the menu of which consists exclusively of 12 meatless dishes, this represents the number of months in the year and the number of the apostles. Holiday meals traditionally should be made from fish, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, the obligatory Christmas eve dessert — sweet poppy miniature pies – kucukay. This festive bread is eaten with poppy seed milk made from sprouted wheat grains and milled poppy seeds, filled with sweet water. Christmas eve is a family holiday, at a dinner attended only by relatives, strangers usually don’t invite, with the exception of lonely neighbors.

25 December Christmas on the holiday table can be fed hearty meals of meat, traditionally a roast Turkey or goose with apples, in this day, residents are invited to a feast at the hotel. The first Christmas day ends with the evening mass, which takes place at midnight.

This year Lithuanian preparation for the Christmas season is surprising in its scope. On the two main squares of the capital, in the Cathedral and the town hall was solemnly lit Christmas tree. Tree established on the Cathedral square of Vilnius have gained the status of most beautiful trees of Europe.

Several European Internet publications pointed out its uniqueness. «It’s the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe. The Vilnius fir was impressive!», the portal says the Best European Destinations. The Christmas tree in early December was lit in the other large cities of Lithuania, from now on the Lithuanian media traditionally take part in the selection of the most beautiful wood.

On Christmas day in the centre of Vilnius starts showing 3D tales on the facade of the Cathedral. This year residents and guests of the capital will show the tale of «the Nutcracker.» The Christmas period in Lithuania ends on the 6th of January the feast of the Three kings, which symbolizes the coming of the Magi to the baby Jesus. It is believed that in the period from Christmas to Three kings day is increased by one step rooster. Observing Christmas, the residents of Lithuania are preparing to celebrate the New year. On December 31 at midnight of the Lithuanian city will be lit up fireworks.