The WSJ called the price of the release of the abducted Boko Haram Nigerian Schoolgirls

© AP Photo / Olamikan GbemigaСитуация the abduction of children in Nigeria by the radical Islamist group Boko Haram. Archival photoThe WSJ called the price of the release of the abducted Boko Haram Nigerian Schoolgirls© AP Photo / Olamikan Gbemiga

Edition of the Wall Stree Journal called the real price of the 103 release of the Nigerian Schoolgirls abducted by terrorist group Boko Haram in April 2014.

According to the newspaper, the government at first paid $ 1 million for the release of the 21 girls in October 2016. The return of 82 hostages costing the authorities $ 2 million and the release of five leaders of the group from prison.

As reported, the President of the country Mohammad Bukhari has approved the deal under the condition that the purchase would be a step forward towards peace talks. Some Nigerian officials believe that the money allowed the terrorists to replenish their resources.

In April 2014, the militants «Boko Haram» kidnapped 276 Nigerian Schoolgirls in Cibaca in the North-East of Nigeria. The leader of the group offered to exchange the girls on all the arrested militants, but the government refused. In August 2016, the militants «Boko Haram» published video on which, according to them, captured live hostage. On published frames were present not all the high school girls. The militants said that the other girls were killed in the air strikes.

More than 20 of the abducted Schoolgirls was released in October last year, under the mediation of the International Committee of the red cross. Others had escaped from captivity on their own or were rescued to freedom. While 195 women were missing. In may 2017, the government of Nigeria reported that 82 of the abducted Schoolgirls had been released in exchange for militants «Boko Haram».

Operating in Nigeria, the radical Islamist group «Boko Haram» is against Western education and seeks the imposition of Sharia law throughout the country. According to human rights organizations, associated with the militants of Boko Haram violent acts in eight years killed about 20 thousand people.